NCLI is seeking partners to join us in the development of this exciting new centre which will bring excellence to Irish primary education in every school throughout the country; an investment in NCLI is an investment in our children’s future.

Benefits to Investors

Why give to NCLI?

  • Investing in primary education and teaching today’s children the essential learning skills they require for the future is the best investment we can make for both Ireland’s society and economy in the decades ahead.
  • Investing in NCLI is an investment in our education system, our school leaders, today’s school children, future citizens and workers in a knowledge-based economy.
  • Get to be part of a new initiative exploring the nature of leadership needed for a healthy, effective and high-performing educational system.
  • You can take pride in the role you are playing in supporting school principals to take on a new leadership role, which is committed to delivering high quality education and preparing children for a world where the only constant is change.

Options to Invest

To date, IPPN is supporting and resourcing the cost incurred in establishing the National Centre for Leadership and Innovation. Therefore, NCLI is now seeking suitable sponsorship and philanthropic funding.


There are a number of options available to support NCLI. If you would like to submit a direct query – please contact Claire on

Current Sponsors

Course offerings have already been kindly offered by:

Elaine Ryan and Associates

Greater Heights