Support NCLI

Why Give to NCLI?

  • Investing in primary education and teaching today’s children the essential learning skills they require for the future is the best investment we can make for both Ireland’s society and economy in the decades ahead.
  • Investing in NCLI is an investment in our education system, our school leaders, today’s school children, future citizens and workers in a knowledge-based economy.
  • Get to be part of a new initiative exploring the nature of leadership needed for a healthy, effective and high-performing educational system.
  • You can take pride in the role you are playing in supporting school principals to take on a new leadership role, which is committed to delivering high quality education and preparing children for a world where the only constant is change.

Our Commitment to Donors

NCLI and IPPN make the following commitment to our investors / donors

  • We will keep administration and fundraising costs to a minimum level to efficiently and effectively manage our services. We will ensure that costs incurred in the organisation’s operations will be reasonable and necessary.
  • Your gift will be handled responsibly and to the greatest advantage of the beneficiaries.
  • Our staff and volunteers will observe the highest professional standards at all times.
  • Where applicable, tax relief on donations can be claimed.
  • IPPN has signed up to the new Code of Governance for the voluntary, charitable and not-for-profit sector. This code ensures maximum transparency and accountability.
  • We will ensure that funds raised in response to a specific appeal will be used effectively in the programme area it was requested for. If it is not possible to expend all funds received in the particular service/programme within a reasonable period, we may re-deploy the extra funds to another area of our work.
  • We will seek to maximise the value of donor support by applying for funding from official funding bodies e.g. the Government, the European Union (as appropriate), etc.