Supporting School Leaders Internationally

At present, IPPN has a commitment to supporting school leadership in less developed countries and has amongst its membership a number of principals who have experience of working in developing countries.


IPPN is a leading participant in the International Confederation of Principals (ICP) and through this global network IPPN has identified a need (expressed by other associations) for formal programmes of professional development at an international level. In response to this need, NCLI proposes to bring carefully pre-selected cohorts of principals to Ireland to participate in specifically designed courses and workshops, which will include job-shadowing school leaders in Ireland. The follow-up will involve reciprocal visits by Irish principals to participants’ schools for the purpose of further developing long-term mentor relationships.


Throughout the developing world there is a great understanding and recognition of the importance of school leadership in the community. NCLI believes that supporting school leadership internationally will have a profound and far-reaching positive impact on children and families through the influence of proactive, exemplary principal teachers.